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Nobody Told Me About That is THE manual that new parents can use to navigate the most important, and least talked about, part of a child’s life — the first 6 weeks. Join Dr. Ginger Breedlove and her contributing expert authors ranging from Midwives to Nurses, Psychologists to Doulas, and Lawyers to Patient Advocates on a journey through everything you wish you were told before becoming a parent.

Nobody Told Me That has been described by readers as compelling, honest, raw, and the most contemporary up-to-date source of information covering a wide spectrum of experiences for new parents.

A book that is honest, direct, loving, and powerfully written to help parents navigate the experience of vulnerability and responsibility all at the same time. Picking up where other pregnancy and baby care books leave off, Nobody Told Me About That is structured to fill the knowledge gaps that you need to fill about the time before birth, during postpartum care,  and what happens when you land at home. Written by experts who share first-hand knowledge as well as their own personal experiences, each chapter unveils the unflinching truth about the challenges of first-time parenting. Every chapter offers reliable resources, tools, and steps to engage with confidence in your families care needs that are curated by our author-experts. Still not convinced Nobody Told Me About That is the book you need? Download the first chapter below!

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Harriet LernerNobody Told Me About That is stunning in its power to inform new mothers of the challenges they may face when the baby arrives. The authors, experts, and mothers themselves share personal stories that are poignant, heartfelt, and fiercely honest, along with sanity-saving and life-saving information and guidance. This book includes some of the greatest advice not often told and is an essential read for mothers of newborns and for everyone who cares about them.”

Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., bestselling author of The Dance of Anger and The Mother Dance

“When I had my baby I felt like all along I had been lied to. I felt like the world played a dirty trick on me and set me up for the wildest shock of my life – being someone’s mama! Nobody Told Me About That is the preparation that I wish the hospital, my doctor, or even my own mama had given me. This book gives new parents the unfiltered truth about what to expect, what to prepare for, and how to trust your gut! Ignorance may be Bliss when it comes to some things, but certainly not first-time parenting!”

Angelina Spicer, Comedian, Postpartum Depression Survivor & Advocate

Dr. Neel Shah“As the parent of a toddler expecting to welcome a new infant into our home any day now, the themes explored in Nobody Told Me About That resonate deeply. Those initial weeks of parenthood are a time of universal vulnerability. Yet there’s something about that universality—the fact that everybody does it—that can make us forget the importance of supporting each other with the shared wisdom contained in this wonderful book. I highly recommend it to parents (and those who care about parents) everywhere.”

Dr. Neel Shah, MD, MPP, FACOG, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Harvard Medical School

“In sharing the words, “What I believed in pregnancy was to be an immediate love affair with my newborn became a frightening period to just survive,” Ginger Breedlove serves to illustrate, painfully and perfectly, the salience of proper maternal care, in both the prenatal and postpartum periods. The Nobody Told Me About That movement is presented keenly and expertly in this text, with professional perspectives, actionable advice, and relatable stories. With Ginger and her decades of professional experience at its helm, this book fills a gaping void for new parents, members of their support teams, and clinicians of all kinds. I wish I’d had the chance to read these words when I was pregnant and during my own postpartum period; had this book existed, then, I surely would have felt so much less alone. This is a must read (as long as readers know to keep a box of tissues handy)!”

Rebecca Fox Starr, Author, “Beyond the Baby Blues,” and Founder, “Mommy, Ever After