Nobody Told Me About That

Navigating the First Six Weeks After Becoming a Parent

Traditional maternity care in the United States falls short when it comes to educating parents about the realities of new parenthood. Nobody Told Me About That is an attempt to accurately illustrate the realities of first-time parenting, to equip new parents with the knowledge they need to be successful.

Our team of 16 experts joined together to cover nearly every critical issue confronting one of the most challenging periods in life — transitioning from an independent adult to an inexperienced, first-time parent. Each author is an experienced professional as well as a parent. Each chapter provides real stories and resources to help new families gain confidence, coping skills, and an increased sense of calm. We’ve been there, observed it, and know education for families is woefully behind.

As a new parent if you have experienced the phrase, “Nobody told me about that!” we have the answers!

You deserve the best information on your journey to becoming the best parent you can be. Getting off to a good start happens with preparation before birth. Having the essential information, resources, and support in place makes all the difference. We believe that knowledge will lighten the load and reduce the often unspoken fears that surround the parenting journey. With all the attention paid to managing labor and birth, an event that usually lasts less than 14 hours, parents often forget that birth is the easy part. The hard work really is in the decisions you make moment-by-moment for yourself and your family for years to come.

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